We would like to but we can’t tell you….

According to a recent report, Law Enforcement across the country are seeking funds for a super-secret device created by the Harris Corporation that can track cell phones, emails, and other data by acting like a cell phone tower and is small enough to fit in a suitcase. While it might focus on particular source, it can sweep the whole area in which it is located. It costs upwards of 500,000 dollars and goes by various names (StingRay, Kingfish) and is the rage of law enforcement at the moment. The problem is whoever buys it cannot talk about it as they are required to sign a non-disclosure agreement. So taxpayer money will be spent (annual cost after initial purchase is approximately 40 thousand dollars a year) on a product whose name brand will not be revealed, will not be seen, will not be demonstrated, and we will not know when it is employed or what will be done with the data acquired by its use.

When one considers that the only terrorists threats that seem to have been thwarted before they happened are ones created by the government itself, I question the expenditure of any public funds for the above purpose. We are heading to 1984 and constant government surveillance without an iota of probable cause and we don’t seem to really care. Wake up America…


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