Crisis on the Border…

Of all of the problems and travails our society faces today, the gathering of refugee children on the Texas border seems the most depressing and frustrating to this writer. I speak not to the reasons these young children risk life and limb to escape the suffocating poverty and violence of their birthplace. Conditions which to an extent can be traced to our “War on Drugs” and the collateral havoc it has generated. I speak to the reaction of those who would send these unfortunates back to the hell that is their homeland. I believe this includes the Administration which says one thing on the subject but seems to be doing another. All I hear the president saying is we have to send them back. Why? We are a land of immigrants. These are children. What is wrong with us? There is a segment of our society that has truly lost its way when they can appear at the border and scream at these little children to go back home. I believe this reflects a real, deep sickness in this country and I fear for the future if this sickness festers. There are lessons to be learned from history as what happens to a society when it loses its way as ours seems to have done and turns itself inward in fear and isolation. The behavior of some on this issue shows that we are not the shining city on the hill but more the dark alley of hatred and despair. This is a moment where this country can truly stand out as a beacon of freedom and safety. We are failing this moment miserably.


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