Client Testimonials

Tracy C. wrote:

“You saved  life many many years ago. We never even met but you won my appeal for me. Every time I think about you, this amazing man I never met, got me out of jail when I was 28 years old and about to spend half of my life in jail. Just when I thought I had no fight left in me, Mr. Brandstrader, you were there. I will never forget you.. I just want to say from the bottom of my heart, Thank you.”

Peter S  wrote:

“And this is exactly why you are the #1 attorney I refer. Through the years, I’ve asked you for various documents. You have always been super responsive. If people aren’t singing your praises regularly, there’s something wrong with them. Thank you for providing outstanding service. Do note that your dedication is recognized and appreciated. Thanks for your prompt response,”

Chris C wrote:

“I would like to thank you for all you have done for me. Your expertise was very effective and I am very pleased with the way you represented me. I feel that you have made a big difference in what the possible outcome could have been. Thank you for arguing all the way to the end. We all here in jail think that we know it all and that we are all lawyers. The truth is we don’t know shit and if was up to us we would get long stays in prison. I heard you say we better than you expected but I had faith that you would get me the minimum. Thank you for all of your hard work and taking my case. Thank you for standing by while I didn’t communicate well or was unable to promptly pay you. You are a good man.”

Bernice T wrote:

“Thank you very much for representing my son and for doing everything possible from keeping from being incarcerated. This chapter in our lives is far from being over but we are looking for a positive journey ahead.”

Lexi A wrote:

“My heart is so full as I write this email to you. I can remember the day I contacted you with the days prior I literally called every defense attorney that Google had given me and sent out countless unanswered emails and had numerous dead-end conversations. Then I found you! You listened, you took a chance, you trusted, you never judged, you were open, and you were always completely honest with me. Thank you so much for taking a chance on us and helping with our case the way you have. Thank you for giving him the tools to help himself. I wish I could express how much I truly appreciate how much you have done but I am afraid there are no words for this gratitude. Your time and the effort you put in will always be cherished and never be forgotten. Please know you will forever be the monumental piece to this puzzle from the simple act of kindness that you showed. I wish all the continued success and blessing.”

Ashley M wrote:   

“Mr. Brandstrader, I have thanked you several times for standing behind our son and defending him as your client. Four years after he was arrested you are still fighting the battle to get him out of jail. Today I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart on behalf of my children, and myself and my son for your continuous and support and help. I truly appreciate your existence in our life and your trust and support. You are a great person sir, thank you, thank you.”

Amie wrote: 

“You are an angel in the courtroom. You are a Miracle worker! Thank you for helping me move on to a sober future. Many thanks.”