I want to move there and be a city planner….

“City Officials Arrested in Los Angeles Suburb”

The article is in the New York Times:
BELL, Calif. — The investigators from the district attorney’s office showed up at the mayor’s house early Tuesday morning, arrest warrant and battering ram in hand, banging on the door. When the mayor, Oscar Hernandez, ignored their shouts — “Come out!” and “Put your hands up!” — they rammed down the door and arrested Mr. Hernandez on charges of looting the treasury of his own city to enrich himself.
. . .
According to the authorities, some of what these city officials did was legal, taking advantage of loopholes in the law, but much was not. For example, Mr. Adams, the former police chief, whose salary was a third-larger than that of the police chief of Los Angeles, Charlie Beck, was not charged. “We did not find any evidence with which to charge him,” Mr. Cooley said.
But Mr. Rizzo, the former city manager, faced 53 counts of misappropriation of funds and conflict of interest, including that he wrote his own employment contracts and pushed them through without winning approval of the City Council.

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