Do what I say not what I do….

Notable comment on sentencing from Chief Justice of the United States ……Tony Mauro in this post at The BLT has this remarkable sentencing-significant snippet from Chief Justice Roberts’ comments yesterday when speaking to a law school crowd in Indiana

Trial judging: Asked by a trial judge in
the audience if he would consider presiding
over a trial in federal court, Roberts said
flatly, but with a smile, “I wouldn’t do it
in a million years.” Roberts explained that
his predecessor William Rehnquist once
presided over a trial in Virginia while a
justice, only to have the U.S. Court of
Appeals for the 4th Circuit reverse him in
an unsigned opinion. Roberts added that
from his appellate experience with
sentencing issues and mandatory minimum
sentences, he would find sentencing in a
criminal case particularly distasteful. “I
wouldn’t like doing it,” he said with a

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